Test Security

Results You Can Trust!

iTEP’s security measures ensure that students do not gain any unfair advantages from falsifying information or cheating during the test’s administration. There are several security measures present to ensure the reliability of iTEP score results; these begin at registration.

  • iTEP utilizes a rotating item bank that generates test questions randomly. This makes it so no two tests will be the same. 
  • Test-takers must provide proctors with a government-issued ID upon entering the testing site. A second identity confirmation check occurs during the registration process.
  • iTEP Kiosk-Mode Software (installed directly into the testing computer) ensures students have no access to the computer’s desktop or browsers for the duration of the exam. 
  • Reference materials, food, drink, and other personal effects are not permitted in the testing area.
  • FotoSure™, a proprietary software offered exclusively by iTEP International, monitors test-takers during the testing process by accessing the computer’s camera and routinely photographing the scene.
  • Aside from evaluating iTEP’s speaking and writing sections, our graders help in post-test security monitoring by conducting plagiarism scans, checking testing history, and analyzing speaking samples. 
  • Partner institutions play a part in this stage to ensure they only accept scores forwarded directly from iTEP or, alternatively, making use of the score verification portal

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