Schedule an Online Test

Health as a Priority

iTEP is committed to the health and safety of our test-takers. Because of the COVID-19 situation, iTEP is temporarily waiving our test center requirement in affected areas through June 2021, or as worldwide conditions warrant.

At-home Test

iTEP will allow in-home tests utilizing our virtual proctoring process called Fotosure. The test-taker must have an activated webcam positioned to fully see the test-taker. iTEP has a zero-tolerance for cheating and every single test is taken is examined by our graders. Note-taking is not allowed for IVP tests used at-home. Included with all Virtual Proctoring tests is a free practice test upon registration.

The Process


Select the type of test you need below and use the checkout link to register, order, and pay for your test.


Receive the practice and official test IDs within 48-hours.


Prepare for the test and perform it online with the portal credentials provided to you.


Receive your test results within 24-48 hours of giving the test.

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